Alongside our treasure trove full of your crafting needs, we also pride ourselves on our alteration services. Everybody deserves to feel beautiful and comfortable in every garnment they own - not just on special occasions.

Whether a garnment needs a quick fix, or something a little more drastic, come in to the Darn Knit! shop for a consultation during our opening hours where we can let you know all possible options and pricing.

We're really lucky that this service is popular. Because of this, alongside the amount of time and care we put in to each customer, our alterations have a wait time. To avoid any dissapointment, please bring your garnment in for a consultation as far in advance as possible.

Please note: We do not alter wedding dresses or curtains.

Alterations Pricelist

These prices are guidelines only, each item is charged depending on the complexity of the required alteration.

What to Expect

Bring the item that needs altering to your consultation. If it needs shortening eg. a dress or  formal trousers, please bring with you the shoes that you will wear them. Evening dresses, bridesmaid dresses or prom dresses, it is very important you bring the exact shoes that you will wear on the day to your fitting. If your dress needs adjusting please wear suitable underwear to your fitting (eg. not a sports bra).

Your consultation time varies depending on what items you bring in or how many, but please allow a minimum of twenty minutes.

For your dignity we have a small changing room, and a chair can be provided should you need it.

During your consultation we will discuss what we will do, we will tell you the cost and the date of completion.

Our usual lead time is two weeks, but it depends on how much work is coming in. We will give you a ticket with the date your alteration will be completed by, please hang on to this yellow docket for your information and bring it when collecting your alteration. Unfortunately we do not have the time to ring every customer to inform them of completion.

Payment upfront is preferred, you can pay by cash or card. Payment upon collection is accepted, especially if you are given an estimate cost if the job is complicated.

Please make sure your items for alteration or mending are freshly washed, we reserve the right to turn away dirty clothing. Sometimes it is worth washing a new pair of jeans or cords before a fitting in case of any shrinkage.

Please make sure all pockets are empty, we do not take responsibility for lost pocket contents.

Any alterations not collected will be kept for one year, if after a year they have not been collected, the item will be donated to charity or disposed of.

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