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Stitch Unpicker / Seam Ripper

Stitch Unpicker / Seam Ripper

Seam rippers are perfect for ripping out seams, hems, buttons, snaps, and much more without damaging your fabric. Easy to hold and easy to use, basic tasks will become simple and quick, and you needn't worry about causing damage to your garment or fabric.


Insert the blade into the seam underneath the thread to be cut. Allow the thread to slip down into the fork and lift the ripper upwards allowing the blade to cut through the thread. Once the seam has been undone in this way, the loose ends can be removed and the seam resewn.

  • Size

    Full length 3 1/2" / 9cm

    Hand length 1 1/2" / 4cm

  • Quantity

    Sold singularly.