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Prym Long Sharps Needles No 3 - 7

Prym Long Sharps Needles No 3 - 7

The Prym Hand Sewing Needles Sharps 3-7 Assorted is a fabulous addition to any sewists collection.


These hand sewing needles are made of hardened steel and have a burr-free embossed eye. Their fine and sleekly-polished tip shape, along with the smooth and non-porous, coated surface, can slide well through all fabrics. The attuned spring firmness ensures smooth operation without bending and breaking – even with the finest needles. The needle head is shaped in such a way that the needles can be effortlessly inserted, even without a thimble.


Generally speaking, the sharps hand sewing needles are approx. 7 mm longer than the corresponding betweens needles and are used for all conventional sewing work. Many sewers prefer the sharps needles due to their better grip.

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    3 - 7

  • Quantity

    20 per pack

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