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Mystery Yarn Pack!

Mystery Yarn Pack!

In a bid to try and make some extra space so we can open the shop again to customers, I thought it might be fun to make up mystery yarn packs!


They all contain yarn (obviously), of different weights, colours, textures, fibres, and brands, all full balls, and they will have either a pattern or a selection of buttons in too. Everything in the packs adds up to £15 minimum, it's mostly more though, so it is an absolute bargain!


These are great if you just love knitting, and trying out new things, testing your brain on what you could try out with your yarn selection! Also fabulous for weavers, all the different weights and textures would be great for this. And it's also a bargain if you're a knitter for charity, you've got a real selection to knit some scarves or hats, or well whatever you like!


I'll be doing some mystery pattern packs very soon too, so keep your eye out for those too!

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