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When you step in to Darn Knit! you’re entering a world full of vibrant colour, texture and cheer. It’s like entering Aladdin’s cave, but full of wool and haberdashery, with a secret lair out the back where magic happens… And by magic we mean clothing alterations.

Way back in 1998, when the UK hosted the Eurovision and everyone wanted to be Carrie Bradshaw’s best friend, the shop began its tale under the name Altered Images just doing clothing alterations. It wasn’t until 2008 that it became the emporium of wool and haberdashery it is today. The shop name had a bit of a revamp in 2020, the year of the big “home retreat”, to become Darn Knit!

In our little treasure trove we stock a range of quality knitting wools from Cygnet, Hayfield, James C. Brett, King Cole, Rico, and Sirdar, as well as an extensive collection of knitting patterns, you’ll be absolutely spoilt for choice! All your every day haberdashery needs are taken care of with threads from Gutermann, needles, pins, scissors, bias binding, buttons and ribbons galore! We’ve also got everything you might need to look after your clothes for the long term, darning wools, darning mushrooms, fabric patches, but also we’ll quite happily mend or alter your clothes for you too, giving them a whole new lease of life.

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  • Yarn is a way of life.

  • The more colour the better.

  • Crafting is excellent for our well-being and should be classed as self-care.

  • Good fitting clothes make you feel more confident and special.

  • Perfectly fitting clothes are not just for celebrities.

  • Mending or altering your clothes gives them a whole new lease of life, and stops them from going in to landfill.

And finally…

  • A yarn stash (or cupboard… or room…) is absolutely necessary, and very much advised!